• Smoked sausages

    Home-made sausages made of selected raw materials, according to old, traditional recipe in stone smokehouse. The pleasant flavour is the result of spices and the application of traditional smoking. Its colour and taste intensity are provided by the red pepper cultivated in Hungary. Read More
  • Smoked salamis

    Special smoked salamisLong matured products of high nutritional value and good taste made of selected meats according to old, traditional recipe under the supervision of a salami master and smoked in traditional stone smokehouse. Read More
  • Smoked meats

    Smoked meats Products made of the best meat cuts without brine, using traditional methods, under the supervision of a curing master, and smoked in stone smokehouse. Read More
  • Smoked bacons

    Smoked bacons Products made of different formed and selected bacons and mangalitza bacons with skin, using traditional methods without brine, under the supervision of a curing master, and smoked in stone smokehouse. Read More
  • Grill sausages

    Grill sausages Our grill sausages are boiled products stuffed into natural ewe’s bowels that reach their final colour and taste with grilling on charcoal for 3-5 minutes. Read More
  • Cooked hams

    Cooked hams Traditional hams made of pork hind leg. Their tenderness and good taste result from the heat treatment following the smoking. Read More
  • Smoked and cooked products

    Smoked and cooked products Formed and selected delicacies made of the best pork cuts, which acquire their final shape and inimitable flavour after smoking and cooking. Read More
  • Smoked and cooked filled products

    These products with high meat content and traditional Hungarian seasoning are filled into natural intestines. Beech smoking in hot smoke plays an important role in their colouring which results in a fiery red final product. Read More
  • Cold cuts

    Cold cuts We combine the classic tourist cold cut with selected, high-protein meats and cheeses, in order to renew and enhance the already well-known flavour. Read More
  • Pork chitterling

    During the preparation of these products we put emphasis on traditions. Their flavour is dominated by marjoram, onion and black pepper. The traditional preparation method brings the rural flavours even closer to you. Read More
  • Fat

    Fat. Produced using traditional methods at a controlled temperature with the addition of farm milk. Read More
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Welcome to our homepage!


A PIMI 2000 kft. introduce

I am master butcher Imre Palatin.

I am pleased to get in contact with you this way. I would like to briefly introduce our company, PIMI 2 000 Ltd.

Continuing the traditions of the Palatin family, as the third generation of the family we produce artisan meat products in our company. We operate a meat plant in the town of Tata, next to the motorway, in accordance with the EU standards.  Our main products include the different types of smoked sausages and salamis made of PORK and MANGALITZA PORK, as well as other smoked meats and bacons. Furthermore, we also produce cooked hams, smoked and cooked meats, smoked and cooked filled products, cold cuts, grill sausages and pork chitterlings.  
Each of these products has its own characteristic and flavouring: they are seasoned with sweet, moderately hot or hot spices. What they have in common is that they are made of excellent, guaranteed-quality raw materials.

Our aim is to allow each member of the consumer society – regardless of age or gender – to find the product to his/her taste in our selection.

Our philosophy: to sell high- and constant-quality goods to our resellers at a fair price every day of the year.  

In order to ensure this, we are strict about the specifications of the HACCP system. We inspect our products on a daily basis, and we also perform laboratory tests on them regularly.
If you have found our brief introduction fair, and our products have raised your interest, we would be happy to welcome you as one of our customers.

Kind regards:
Imre Palatin

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Meat World Kft. Hungary


PIMI 2000 Kft.

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PIMI 2000 Kft. Hungary

Vat-Number:HU 11948063

Iban:10918001-00000089-87230007 (HUF)





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